What’s the deal with the Willow Tree name?

So, you may be wondering why I named my business after a specific type of tree? What does that have to do with marketing anyway?

Well… it doesn’t really have anything to do with marketing, but it is important to me personally, and I wanted my company to reflect that.

Throughout my life, I always took a special notice of Weeping Willow Trees. They always appeared so peaceful and confident. I never really gave too much thought to any other trees in my younger life, but as I got older, I became simply in awe of the majesty of trees themselves. My personal Weeping Willow tree forever changed my perspective on the power of trees.

When my husband and I decided to buy our first house, we were really excited and nervous. At the time, I was also pregnant with our second child and we were moving from an over seas location. We didn’t have to look at many houses because-needless to say-when I saw the house with the giant Weeping Willow in the back, I knew it was home!

After buying the home with the beautiful willow in the back yard, I immediately felt at home. I can’t tell you how many warm summer evenings and chilly rainy nights I spent sitting outside watching that tree sway in the wind. The tree became a symbol of calm and comfort to me. I would sit outside bundled with sick babies or messy toddlers. When my husband left for a 6 month deployment, the tree was still there. It was always there. It changed with the seasons, but it was there. I eventually got a swing and put it directly under the branches… I would sit out here for hours in its shade while my kids raced down the slides of our play set or laughed loudly while making mud pies beneath the trampoline. It was these moments that I never wanted to end. This tree made up so much of my time as a mom of babies, toddlers, and little kids. By the time we moved out, I was the most sad to leave my tree. We had put a lot of love and money into that house, but it was the tree that I missed the most. The rustling of the branches and the peace it seems to always bring me. It sounds a little weird to admit, but the tree became my friend, my prayer buddy, my shoulder to cry beneath and my joy in a lot of ways.

When we moved out, my mother in law had the great idea to take and regrow some of the branches! So I cut off a few and we replanted them! Now I have pieces of my tree wherever I go. To date, I have planted a willow tree transplant at our retirement property, and have one with me now. My parents also have one as well as my in-laws. It’s the tree that keeps on giving joy.

Small businesses are labors of love, most of us do it for the joy, not for the large amounts of money we hope to make. For this reason, I named my business Willow Tree Marketing! After the tree who inspired me, gave me peace and helped me see joy!

Published by alwayserin55

Marketing Concierge. Book Lover. Mil Spouse. Mom.

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