Parents: School Options Exist- I bet you haven’t heard of this before!

As the pandemic rolled on and the 2020 Fall school year rolled to a start, parents started taking a good solid look at their child’s education. Because of so much uncertainty at the time, many parents took this opportunity to search for new methods of educating their children. In most areas, schooling options consist ofContinue reading “Parents: School Options Exist- I bet you haven’t heard of this before!”

Quaren”TEN” Books (2020)

I am an avid reader. I have always loved getting lost in exciting book adventures or learning things about unkown worlds. There is something about reading that is magical to me, and if I have one addiction in this world, it’s reading. Because of that, and the world that was 2020, I read 63 booksContinue reading “Quaren”TEN” Books (2020)”

Good Tidings of Cheer… and Donations for Del Rio!

Check out these volunteer and donation opportunities in Del Rio Texas! This has been a rough year for so many people; I don’t have to go into details as to why. As we round out 2020, the holidays are almost here and we all know how this season can be stressful in normal circumstances. So,Continue reading “Good Tidings of Cheer… and Donations for Del Rio!”

What’s the deal with the Willow Tree name?

So, you may be wondering why I named my business after a specific type of tree? What does that have to do with marketing anyway? Well… it doesn’t really have anything to do with marketing, but it is important to me personally, and I wanted my company to reflect that. Throughout my life, I alwaysContinue reading “What’s the deal with the Willow Tree name?”

How did I become a marketing concierge?

Erin Beene ~ How in the world did I get started in this marketing concierge business? Well, read below and find out~! Early life and college… I started with a bachelor’s of Behavioral Science in History from Hardin- Simmons University. I decided rather quickly after graduation that although I love history, there are not manyContinue reading “How did I become a marketing concierge?”

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